Vehicle Testing, Autonomous Driving, Prototyping, Battery Testing Benches: In Development

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Vehicle Testing

With nearly 100 million test kilometers per year, we are one of the leaders in the world of vehicle testing. Flexible testing modules to help reduce your warranty costs and increase your customers satisfaction is one of our strength. We test under extreme climatic, altitude and road conditions throughout Europe, both on the road and on test fields to advance your product quality.

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Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is one of the biggest challenges for the OEM’s today. We divide the world of autonomous driving in four modules. The modules are Vehicle set up, Vehicle and Data logistics, testing performance and Data Labeling. We are operating worldwide in this business with worldwide experts.

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Our skilled technicians can build up prototypes in cases of overcapacity in your facility as well in our facility. We are also able to build up special test vehicles which special test equipment.

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Battery Testing Benches: In Development

Test benches for battery cells and modules with climatic chambers. For additional information please contact, Markus Baumgaertner at

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