International Locations

Vehicle Testing

On Road Vehicle Testing 

This module is a symbiosis of Engineering, Dealership and Customer feedback.  A very powerful testing module to reduce warranty costs and customers complaints before the vehicle production release.

End of Line Testing

A short-term testing module direct at the vehicle production end. A static check of fit and finish combined with a 30 km testing on public road to check for dynamic issues.

Benchmark Testing

Are you sure your vehicle could compare against your competition? If you need a neutral analysis in static and dynamic testing, we will be the right contact.

Infotainment / Connectivity

This module is a combination of system testing and customer testing. How will your infotainment system react in stressful situations? Did your engineering cover all possible customer usage possibilities?

Our testing covers all of Europe with temporary test sites in Spain for summer testing and in Sweden for winter testing. A proving ground in Sweden is available on request.

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