Damping Products

Roush Noise and Vibration Control Damping Products

Noise and vibration foam

Damping Products

Damping products are designed to dissipate vibrational energy in structures. With our in-depth knowledge of viscoelastic materials and our strategic relationships with material manufacturers, Roush has earned a reputation as a damping product specialist. Our extensive array of high-performance damping materials in our proprietary materials database enable us to provide our customers optimized solutions for a broad range of applications.

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Die Cut Damping Adhesive

Damping Adhesives

Roush offers a wide variety of damping adhesives allowing the solution to be optimized based on the application requirements.

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Damping Foam

Roush has identified many of foam materials with low air permeability characteristics, resulting in excellent damping properties.

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Aluminum Cover Foam Damping

DynaDamp Patch Damping

DynaDamp™ Constrained Layer Damping products are engineered to reduce noise radiated from surfaces by dissipating vibration energy through shearing of the polymer layer

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Dynalam Laminated Metal

Dynalam is a laminated metal product engineered to reduce noise and vibration in sheet metal applications.

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Steering Wheel Damper

Tuned Mass Damper (TMDs)

Roush produces Tuned Mass Dampers for a variety of applications. From prototype development, through end of life, Roush takes care of every step.

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