Wiring and Electronic Services

Roush’s in-house electronics lab enables us to streamline the process by creating custom circuit boards and wire harnesses in house.

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Capabilities include: design, development, and low-volume manufacturing of custom circuit boards, documentation in GERBER 274X/Protel/Circuit Maker/Trax Maker, SMT and through-hole circuitry, repair and rework existing circuit boards, embedded micro-controllers, package design and packaging (for model shop applications), and design, development, and low-volume manufacturing of custom wire harnesses.

Projects Include: active lighting systems, stepper motor control systems, LED lighting systems, instrumentation electronics, fuel pump control systems, automated show car systems, vehicle simulation, weapons simulation, auxiliary battery control systems, boost management systems, signal generation (A/D, D/A, F/V), oil temp management systems, monitoring systems (e.g., Trans Status Boxes), and sole supplier of NASCAR gear ratio testers.

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