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Let’s design.

Want to be rendered speechless? You’re in the right place. Design capabilities at Roush synthesize technology with creativity for digital concepts that translate to everyday performance.

Digital Design
We have an entire team devoted to the digital design process. Our multifaceted studio transforms functional ideas with advanced software, all while staying true to the initial product concept.

Renderings and Presentations
When realism is required, our rendering platforms allow us to create detailed representations of pre-developed products. We also design physical mockups, technical drawings, and reports that dive into the details.

CAD Engineering
Add a new dimension to your work. Our CAD engineering capabilities are vast, including Class A surfacing, packaging/feasibility, 3D solid modeling, 2D and 3D tolerance. We use the latest softwares like NX, Creo, CATIA, and SOLIDWORKS to sculpt, render, and animate across multiple formats.

Prototyping Services
Traditional craftsmanship. Untraditional innovation. Our prototyping services include model development, metal fabrication, advanced composites, engine development, and more. We support projects ranging from the modeling of unique components to complete vehicle assembly.


Let’s engineer.

Let’s work together.

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