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We refuse to see them.

From propulsion systems to structures, rotorcraft to rockets, sea level to sub-orbital, GEO, drones, and beyond, Roush loves to work in rarified air mobility.

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The soul of Jack Roush can be felt in all of our aerospace engineering and aerospace manufacturing endeavors.

His love for flying and vintage warbirds inspires us to take to the skies with limitless ambition, efficient commercialization, and market expertise.

We are a single-source approach. A full-scale solution. And a next-level mentality.

The fusion of aerospace and automotive high technology created by Roush has led to a pace of advancement that is simply unmatched.

Advanced Programs Team Member
United Launch Alliance

Commercial aircraft.

Your commercial aircraft objectives, realized. Whether it’s Class A Surface Development or 3D Model Development, we understand the nuances and requirements of modern commercial aircrafts. Our manufacturing support includes additive manufacturing, advanced composites components, and specialized NVH engineering products like constrained layer damping patches for noise control.

Drone innovation.

We are the manpower behind the unmanned. Our drone engineering capabilities involve advanced composites materials, computer-aided engineering, and innovative prototyping services.

Space exploration.

The consensus is universal — our experience in non-terrestrial environments is unrivaled. Advanced cryogenic propulsion systems. Aerospace welding. Aerospace machining for wiring harnesses that can handle extreme conditions. If there is an opportunity in your orbit, Roush is ready to work.

We make the fast faster. The lightweight even lighter. The agile even more agile. We are Roush, and through aerospace engineering, prototyping, testing, and beyond, we can take you to new heights.

Together, we can help you imagine. Create. And launch what’s next.

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