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Use your imagination.

Roush works alongside the world’s largest entertainment brands to develop extraordinary experiences for guests. You’ve likely experienced the joy, imagination, and endless creativity of our work in storied theme parks across the globe.

Work With Us

Let’s inspire wonder with a pioneering synthesis of artistry, craftsmanship, and technology.

We proudly work behind the scenes, bringing to life the beloved characters and experiences of a more imaginative world.

And we’re always driven by guest experiences that are safe and unforgettable.

Ride vehicles.

Keep your arms and legs inside for high-speed fun. We design, prototype, engineer, develop, and test ride vehicles to the exact specifications of guest safety and enjoyment. Every vehicle is built for repetitive use — just secure your lap bar and ride it again.

Show-action equipment and animated figures.

We breathe life into creative engineering. When it comes to themed attractions and animated figures, guests expect the performance of a lifetime. Our team delivers through model development, component manufacturing, and commissioning and servicing.

Everything you can imagine.

Tomorrow’s entertainment lives at Roush. From the smallest artistic detail to the massive themed adventure, our team is never restrained by scale. We are eager to push boundaries. Eager to engineer new worlds. Eager to inspire wonder.

Our metric for success is unique. We rely on people. People who laugh, scream, and “need to ride that again.” We listen to the people who experience our work. Because their stories keep us motivated and inspire us every day.

Where will your imagination take us?

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