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Is it possible?

At Roush, the answer is always “yes.” It’s our mission to go beyond. Need a partner who can truly tackle any challenge? Look to Roush. Let’s find a practical solution. A sustainable solution. A better solution.

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Our team is built for what’s next. When we embark on a project, we embrace the unknown and achieve the seemingly impossible.

We play an important role in shaping the standard for engineering and development around the world and across multiple industries.

It’s time to raise the bar and make a lasting impact.

Sustainability in everything.

Sustainable projects preserve legacies — and they deserve celebration. Sustainability is a key ingredient of everything we do at Roush. And it creates a recipe of success for our customers, too. From intricate component manufacturing for a propulsion system to battery recycling for electric vehicles, we are balanced, mindful, and committed to minimizing impact.

Autonomous technology.

Artificial intelligence should enhance human ingenuity. We must embrace the latest technologies that enable us to push limits, engineer reliability, and encourage efficiency. Roush seeks out these tools because of their positive potential for predictive maintenance, quality control, and next-gen mobility.

Marine and offshore development.

All hands on deck. We utilize the latest CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modeling methods to assist our marine and offshore customers by evaluating their designs in open water, under the influence of waves. We also provide dynamometer testing, general manufacturing for components, and graphic design services for the marine industry.

Visionary development across industries.

Going beyond traditional development and engineering is never confined to one division at Roush. It’s a multi-dimensional pursuit that touches every aspect of our work. That includes the industries you might not expect, like theme park experiences or highly armored defense vehicles. It’s all on the table.

Our Stories

Our visionary approach keeps innovation in sight. Roush is on a constant journey to think beyond traditional boundaries — because that’s where real progress is found.

The future is ready for your ideas. Let’s get started.

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