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Laser-Focused on Agriculture Tech

Commercial farming is the foundation of our nation’s food supply. To fulfill this extraordinary responsibility, the farming industry requires adaptable technology, innovative efficiency, and tools that function seamlessly on a massive scale. Roush Industries provided all of the above for a cutting-edge AgTech firm. How? With a functional AI-powered laser weeder that eliminates the need for pesticides or herbicides through precision weed control.

What was the challenge?

The customer approached Roush Industries with a three-part plan.

1. Finalize a design for their laser weeder.
2. Build prototype units for testing.
3. Develop a fully functional AI-powered laser weeder for commercial farming.

The full-scale approach required for this project posed the largest challenge. But thanks to experience in the AgTech industry and vertical integration expertise, multiple Roush teams came together and brought the product to life. Quickly.

What did we accomplish?

The Roush Advanced Engineering team originally took ownership of the project to update, refine, and finalize the laser weeder design. As the project progressed and prototype development was needed, the Flexible Assembly team became a supporting partner. It only took a few short months before the customer had a working prototype. That’s when the ultimate objective — commercializing a functional laser weeder for production — became the top priority.

Roush’s proven track record of efficient product commercialization defined the next part of the process. After developing 15 prototypes, a seamless transition allowed for the team to immediately start working on production units. Collaboration between Roush and the customer allowed for even greater efficiency and eliminated variables that traditionally arise during product development. The final product is truly remarkable, featuring lasers that eliminate weeds with the guidance of high-resolution cameras and an onboard supercomputer to improve crop yield.

50% faster
The final production unit was developed in half the time of a traditional product development supplier
50 units
The customer went from non-existent revenue to selling fully commercialized production units every week

What services were provided?

In-house product development for the laser weeder enabled teams from across Roush Industries to collaboratively share solutions as soon as they were uncovered. Multiple Engineering groups and the Roush Electronics group were involved, and services provided spanned across multiple disciplines. These included:

Flexible Assembly

What is the impact?

The customer’s laser weeder has the potential to completely transform crop maintenance for commercial farming operations. The finalized product is a technological feat that relies on incredible precision, using artificial intelligence and powerful lasers to eliminate weeds while preserving crops. It is also a sustainable solution and a certified organic process for crop maintenance. By eliminating the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides, the laser weeder prevents the contamination of soil, water, and vegetation.

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