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A Vehicle for Innovation

When an electric lifestyle vehicle manufacturer approached Roush for beta vehicle production, we “bridged the gap between the fast-paced tech industry and the traditional automotive industry.” Our team facilitated the production of two vehicle variants and ultimately kickstarted the future of the customer’s manufacturing process.

What was the challenge?

Meet our customer, a visionary electric vehicles company that is attempting to democratize the world of EVs. Through bold innovations in design and technology, this company has engineered a platform that truly stands out from the ever-growing competition. But a daring vision requires more. More expertise. More support. More physical space.

The customer needed a larger manufacturing location to achieve beta vehicle production. They also needed expert insights to test, analyze, and improve their contract manufacturing process. Roush provided it all — and more.

What did we accomplish?

First and foremost, expansive Roush facilities offered the space and equipment necessary to simply start beta vehicle production. Once production was in motion, we identified ways to improve their flexible assembly and manufacturing processes. Analysis from the Roush team ultimately evolved into a hybrid manufacturing model that the customer currently uses to meet production demands.

And those production demands are significant. In fact, a global retailer recently signed a definitive agreement with our customer to purchase several thousand electric delivery vehicles. That sounds exciting — but how is the order actually fulfilled? It starts with Roush’s unique balance of innovative creativity and technical know-how.

33% faster
Beta vehicles reached the market 33% faster than a traditional automotive OEM
⅓ of the team
Vehicle production required ⅓ of the traditional automotive OEM team

Our partnership with Roush for beta vehicle production bridged the gap between the fast-paced tech industry and the traditional automotive industry. Roush provided advanced solutions for complex, low-volume production and state-of-the art machinery for durability testing and key-cycle management. Thanks to their support and expertise, we achieved beta vehicle production in a third of the time with a third of the team of a traditional automotive OEM.

Customer Representative

What services were provided?

Multiple Roush experts across the product development process helped the customer uncover and implement new solutions. As a result of our entirely in-house approach, a variety of tests could be performed efficiently to prevent manufacturing delays. Tests included:

NVH testing
Air leak testing
Cabin leak testing
Advanced durability testing
Vehicle dynamics testing

In addition, we provided on-site fabrication services and computer-aided engineering to bring the customer’s design dreams to life.

What is the impact?

The environmental impact of working with this customer is still being realized. As an electric vehicle manufacturer that prides itself on making EVs accessible, the potential for sustainable progress is endless. At Roush, we are deeply committed to a more sustainable future, and we’re proud to play a role in energizing the future.

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