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A human-friendly autonomous future.

Automation is not a challenge we face — it is a challenge we pursue. The team at Roush is constantly exploring new ways to create harmony between human ingenuity and automated inevitability.

A vehicle for the future.

Extensive autonomous capabilities will eventually be a standard feature in cars, trucks, and general transit. It is vital that safety — and practical function — are prioritized.

Machines in a class of their own.

Machine learning is technology that we must embrace. At its core, machine learning provides more predictive and responsive systems. And in practice, it can redefine the reliability of engineering as a whole.

It stems from systems.

Creating systems is the only way for us to fully realize the potential of autonomous technology. From automated manufacturing to electric vehicle control systems, we can employ a holistic approach to solve the challenges that matter.

Multiple fields. One purpose.

An autonomous future is not exclusive to one division at Roush. When it comes to the latest technology, all of our teams play a role in synthesizing passion with purpose.

Let us get you from here to the automation of tomorrow.

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