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Always on the move.

We stand for the top tech in mobility. Roush can handle every element of automotive development.

Work With Us

Our mobility capabilities are literally endless. We design, prototype, test, integrate, manufacture, and assemble across the product development spectrum.

We utilize new materials, structures, models, and simulations.

The latest vehicle programs live at Roush.

Passenger cars across the globe.

Are you feeling moved? Passenger vehicles engineered by Roush traverse the planet every day, performing reliably due to our comprehensive automotive engineering, design, prototyping, and development capabilities.

Autonomous vehicles.

We can do more with driverless. Autonomous technology is a priority at Roush, and our team is ready for what lies ahead. We develop vehicles that operate without human input or intervention by synthesizing advanced sensors and computer systems with the latest automotive engineering methods.


Roush has been involved in the eMobility vehicle space for decades. We offer deep expertise in sustainable transportation solutions. We work to simplify the evolving electric vehicle marketplace by integrating EV architecture, software, and sensing technology. And most importantly, we know how to commercialize the latest EV systems for the real world.

Commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicle platforms are the backbone of freight and commerce. We design and develop powertrain systems and body structures that can withstand the long haul. We also support research and development activities through combustion analysis, lubricant testing, thorough emissions testing, and vehicle certification.

Performance vehicles.

It’s time to perform. Roush Performance, our performance-focused vehicles division, develops and manufactures high-performance vehicles right in the U.S. They also supply high-performance vehicle parts for enthusiasts who drive Ford vehicles like the F-150, Bronco, and Mustang. Explore Roush Performance.

Race cars.

Check out that checkered flag. We also work extensively in professional race car development, fine-tuning precise components and engineering the next era of track-ready vehicles. Our founder Jack Roush is passionate about the world of racing — and he’s in it to win.

Our Stories

We are always driving toward a more mobile, more precise, and more accessible future for global transportation. Having more fun is the goal, too.

Let’s get you on the road to innovation. Together.

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