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Roush is leading the charge. As the world continues to accelerate toward electrification, we are plugged into the latest innovations.

No vehicle left behind.

We refuse to limit our scope for electric vehicles. At Roush, we see a future reality where cars, trucks, buses, trains, and aircraft can all join the electric revolution. But guess what? That’s just the beginning.

More affordable. More accessible.

The electric vehicle market is growing to meet consumer demand. Lowering the barriers to purchasing an electric vehicle requires us to thoughtfully consider material alternatives, systemized development, and new design standards.

The boom of better batteries.

It’s all about the battery. Longer range. Faster charging. Lower costs. Energizing the next phase of battery technology is one of our highest priorities.

On track. On the grid.

An intelligent, decentralized electric grid is set to optimize the generation and distribution of electricity. The better we store energy, the easier it is to unleash.

Let us get you from here to the power of tomorrow.

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