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Ready to protect. Every time.

Freedom is on the line? Roush holds the line. Our defense design and defense development applications require the highest standard of durability for the harshest global environments.

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From advanced military vehicles to drone innovation, Roush is a top provider of defense engineering and manufacturing solutions for the industry.

And in the world of defense, technology is always evolving to meet the unexpected.

It’s critical that we stay in the lead.

Defense vehicles.

Built to work. Built to serve. Our defense engineering services include body, chassis, and powertrain engineering. Complete niche vehicle design, concept design, and prototype development. Plus, we take care of styling and modeling through release and production.

Advanced armor systems.

Our vehicles take a beating — and keep going. Roush relies on the latest defense design technology to resist adversarial attacks, maintain essential weight and mobility requirements, and keep vehicle occupants safe.

Extreme climate capabilities.

There’s strength in numbers. 120° in a scorching hot desert. -40° in a frigid cold tundra. And everything in between. As a result of intense vehicle testing capabilities, Roush defense applications can handle drastic climate changes.

The importance of our work in the defense industry can’t be overstated. Roush is proud to embody the strength and determination required to face complex challenges and ever-changing threats.

Let’s get even stronger. We’re always ready to work.

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