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Let’s deliver.

Delivering products is the reason we exist. It is also the culmination of carefully defined steps. But these steps don’t walk — they run to the finish line to ensure efficient development and commercialization for the market.

Program Management
Standardized program management tools and processes ensure programs are run seamlessly regardless of size, maturity, or complexity. Our program management team drives our customers to the success they count on.

Flexible Assembly
It’s all about speed to market. Our flexible assembly team unites every facet of Roush — design, engineering, machining, fabrication, testing, manufacturing, and supply chain expertise — for a scalable process that quickly brings a customer’s ideas to life.

Machining and Tooling
We have the tools for precision and reliability. Our massive facility has 90,000 sq. ft. dedicated to machining and 20,000 sq. ft. dedicated to tooling. We machine everything from helicopter bodies to precision components, building with silicone, aluminum, mild and hardened steel, and high density foam. Our in-house CMM measures up to the proper guidelines for complex parts and components.

Welding and Fabricated Components
Let’s put it all together. After over 40 years of expertise, Roush Machining, Code Welding, and AWS Welding Services have earned a reputation for leveraging agility and innovation for projects that need to reach the market with speed.

Wiring Harnesses
Harness your project’s potential. Our electrical lab has the expertise and machinery to synthesize high-volume prototypes with low-volume manufacturing to produce wiring harnesses that support defense and commercial customers.

Launch Management
Roush travels across the globe to help our customers reduce warranty costs and increase end-user satisfaction by supporting product launches with issue identification, containment, and resolution.

Let’s work together.

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