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Launch Support

With a proven track record of providing comprehensive launch support services for over 25 years, our goal is to ensure a seamless process from issue identification to delivery.

Why Roush?

We provide a process-capable system to quickly rework high volumes of your vehicles, engines and components without damage, or causing in-field warranty issues.

Off-site or on-site program? Sure thing. Our reprocessing programs are located across the country, and staffed and managed by Roush to a common corporate quality standard to meet your product’s timing and volume needs.

Our turnkey operation provides you significant cost savings by eliminating redundant vehicle inspections and associated costs, ultimately getting vehicles to end customers quicker.

We can work with you to develop a customized processes to best suit your launch support needs.

vehicle and component retrofits annually.
engine retrofits annually.
software/end of line updates annually.
electric vehicle and battery retrofits annually.

Let’s work together and launch your products with confidence.

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