Computational Fluid Dynamics


Unsteady flow features behind the Driver Notchback vehicle

Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD modeling allows engineers to study the flow features and temperature profiles of a design in great detail. Roush is at the forefront of using the latest CFD technology to assist customers in a number of industries. Our engineers are equipped with an advanced knowledge of turbulence theory, aerodynamics, phase change and heat and mass transfer. We are highly motivated to pursue the most cost-effective options for our customers, while maintaining a high level of computational accuracy.

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Vehicle Aerodynamics

We support customers in improving the aerodynamic performance and reducing the drag of vehicles – from early-stage conceptual design all the way to validating prototypes in a wind tunnel.

Conjugate heat transfer (flow and thermal) analysis of an engine assembly using CFD

Powertrain Flow

We have many years of expertise in optimizing powertrain components such as engines, intake and exhaust systems for better cooling and increased efficiency.

Vehicle Thermal Management

Our team has proven experience in simulating complex, full-vehicle underhood systems for thermal management and exhaust heat protection.

Visualizing the flow under the hood of a vehicle for thermal management
Studying the convective flow field and temperature profiles inside a battery pack

Battery Thermal Management

We are actively involved in the thermal analysis of liquid and air-cooled battery packs for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Electronics Cooling

Our team delivers thermal management solutions for a wide variety of electronic devices. CFD is applied to optimize packaging and prevent thermal failure of sensitive components.

Visualizing the airflow over a human occupant inside a truck cabin for human comfort studies

Human Thermal Comfort

We have the ability to utilize CFD flow fields to predict the thermal comfort of human occupants in their environment – typical environments include vehicle cabin interiors, amusement park rides vehicles and buildings/office spaces.

Liquid Sloshing

Customers look to Roush’s expertise in simulating the free surface of sloshing liquids – areas covered include gear lubrication, vehicle water wading and fuel tanks/reservoirs.

Simulating the sloshing of oil between two interlocking gears to study the lubrication efficiency
Using CFD to study the buildup of water film and spray-soiling of glass on a vehicle side mirror

Vehicle Soiling

Our experience in predicting water droplet impingement and film buildup allows engineers to study soiling effects on vehicle exterior surfaces.

Marine and Offshore

We utilize the latest simulation methods to assist our marine and offshore customers in evaluating their designs in open water, under the influence of waves.

CFD simulation of the KCS boat hull in waves

Success Stories

Our commitment to the success of our global customers and partners remains clear and unwavering.  

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