Manufacturing Simulation




Manufacturing Simulation

We use the latest software tools to virtually simulate filling, packing and cooling of plastic molded parts. Our thorough knowledge from 15+ years of simulation expertise helps customers make crucial design decisions before the injection mold is manufactured, making design changes far less expensive. Our EXPERT certified Moldflow team provides solutions for complex problems including co-injection, gas assist, post-molding and optimization capabilities.

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Injection Molding

Our in-depth molding analysis techniques provide customers with optimized and balanced gate locations. We take various aspects such as part aesthetics and tool complexities into consideration, to ensure a well-finished product.


We assist customers in designing cooling lines for reducing differential cooling and identifying local hot spots in the system – this helps in achieving lower cycle times. Our capabilities include solving in both the boundary element and 3D transient methods.

Advanced Molding

Our experts are highly proficient in using advanced simulation techniques for complex manufacturing process, such as gas-assist, long fiber orientation and two-shot overmolding.


We utilize latest tools upfront in the design process to optimize gates, runners and process conditions. Design of Experiments (DOE) is used to study the influence of key design parameters. Some examples of optimized parts include door panels, hard trims and consoles.

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