Multibody Dynamics

Multibody Dynamics

Multibody Dynamics

The multibody dynamics (MBD) group supports all stages in the dynamics development cycle – starting from initial geometry layout all the way to system tuning and sign off. Our engineers have expertise in performing vehicle dynamics analysis on a wide range of chassis architectures, including heavy truck platforms. Custom software layers used alongside standard MBD tools aid in studying unconventional suspension setups. Our team also performs a multitude of engine dynamics simulations and has implemented numerous powertrain integration projects.

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Kinematics and Compliance

Our engineers have a lot of experience in optimizing the geometric and elastic characteristics of a wide range of suspension topologies during various stages of design and development.

Kinematics and compliance studies using a suspension parameter measurement machine
Constant radius cornering simulation to quantify chassis balance

Ride and Handling Optimization

We have the ability to predict ride and handling behavior using a large array of vehicle level simulations. Further, we actively support the vehicle development phase by helping select libraries of tunable components.

Advanced Tire Modeling

Highly sophisticated tire models are required to predict phenomena such as static parking torque and performance over short-wave road irregularities. Our team has profound knowledge in characterizing such complex tire behavior.

Dynamic analysis of valvetrain to determine maximum camshaft RPM for valve liftoff

Valvetrain Dynamics

We have extensive experience in valvetrain analysis where we evaluate cam profiles, determine maximum valvetrain RPM and derive requirements for components like valve springs and hydraulic lash adjusters.

Powertrain Integration

We offer comprehensive powertrain integration solutions where we employ Roush EMT™ – a proprietary engine mount tool to enhance powertrain NVH and durability performance.

Full vehicle isolation study of engine mounts using the Roush EMT tool
Dynamic analysis of a piston-crankshaft assembly to predict component loads

Crankshaft Dynamics

We also have the ability to compute the forces acting on crankshafts and pistons and consequently perform detailed stress and fatigue analysis.

3D Motion Simulations

Customers seek our expertise in motion simulation to design and validate complex mechanisms such as robotic arms and actuators.

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