Noise & Vibration Engineering

Providing the insight and expertise to make your products better

Noise & Vibration Engineering

Today’s discerning consumers equate quiet, smooth-running products with high quality and value. For 40 years companies have trusted Roush to solve complex noise and vibration (NVH) issues and to provide complete product development services. Our highly trained staff uses advanced testing and analytical methods to diagnose and resolve the toughest NVH issues facing the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, energy, computer, and industrial products markets.

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Noise & Vibration Services

Roush’s technical experts tackle issues from reducing noise emitted by a blender to improving the interior noise of a bus and anything in between.

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Experts in Noise and VIbration (NVH)

Vehicle Development

Roush’s technical specialists deliver the ultimate driving experience by resolving complex noise and vibration issues, delivering innovative solutions for world class products.

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Test services

An industry leader in test development, instrumentation, data acquisition, and data analysis, Roush’s services include road-load data acquisition, strain testing, accelerated durability testing, and custom test stand development.

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Product NVH Development

Product Development

Whether a blender, bus, generator, or ATV, Roush’s unique ability to leverage multiple disciplines give us the ability to understand your needs and work with you to deliver a world class product.

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Material Testing