Thermal Systems Engineering

Today’s premium vehicle consumers expect high efficiency and high performance no matter how harsh the environment they operate in. For 40 years companies have trusted Roush to solve complex cooling and hvac issues and to provide complete product development services that enhance vehicle performance and efficiency. Our highly trained staff uses advanced testing and analytical methods to diagnose and resolve the toughest thermal issues facing both the traditional automotive powertrain markets and modern electrified automotive powertrain markets including HEV, PHEV and EV systems.

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Thermal Systems Services

Roush’s technical experts tackle heat transfer and fluid dynamics issues from start to finish, from first concept to final vehicle validation & launch. Thermal systems expertise ranges from powertrain cooling system sizing via 1D and 3D analysis to interior cabin air conditioning & heating optimization to overall vehicle heat protection from surrounding heat sources.

Powertrain Cooling

Roush’s technical specialists deliver the ultimate in cooling performance solutions by using scientific based analytical methods to optimize size, weight, cost, timing, and performance. Our strong knowledge of cooling componentry designs and how they function together at the system level allows us to deliver our customers with innovative solutions for world class products. In the growing market of vehicle electrification our team delivers cooling or chilling solutions for a wide variety of electronic devices. CFD is one tool applied to optimize packaging and prevent thermal failure of sensitive components.

Air Conditioning & Heating (HVAC)

With extensive knowledge and experience in refrigerant (2 phase) sub systems Roush can provide accurate results for the development of HVAC refrigerant and chilling system solutions. For cabin HVAC systems this includes refrigerant subsystem development and testing as well as air handling subsystem analysis and testing. We can utilize CFD flow fields to predict the thermal comfort of human occupants in their environment – typical environments include vehicle cabin interiors, amusement park rides vehicles and buildings/office spaces.

Thermal Management & Protection

Our team has proven experience in simulating complex, full-vehicle underhood systems for thermal management and exhaust heat protection. By combining advanced test and analysis capabilities with comprehensive engineering services, Roush can help you understand and mitigate heat protection issues with data driven heat management solutions.  We are actively involved in the thermal analysis of liquid and air-cooled battery packs for the growing vehicle electrification market.

Testing Services

An industry leader in test development, instrumentation, data acquisition, and data analysis, Roush’s services include road testing, climatic wind tunnel testing and sub-system bench testing.

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