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We use the latest in composite material selections, experienced technical staff, and modern technologies for producing autoclaved composites, open-molded epoxy laminates, and vacuum-formed thermoplastics.

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extensive CAPABILITIES, processes, materials, and equipment

Our Capabilities Include:

Manufacturing Autoclaved Prepreg Composites, Vacuum Bag Composites, Open Molded Laminates, and Vacuum Formed Thermoplastics.

Processes Include:

Autoclave Cures, Oven Cures, Vacuum Bagging, Thermo-vacuum Forming, and Automated Fabric Cutting.

Materials Include:

Kevlar,Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass Fabrics, Nomex Honeycombs, Aluminum Honeycombs, PVC Foam Core, High Temp Epoxy Resins, Polyester Resins, Carbon Prepregs.

Equipment Includes:

Heated Flat Panel Press, Autoclave Curing Chamber (Electric Heat To 400° F, 100 PSI, Inside Dimension 54″ ID X 18″ Long), Curing Oven #1 Gas Fired (Temperature Up To 400° F, Inside Dimension 65″ Tall X 73″ Wide X 120″ Deep), Curing Oven #2 Gas Fired (Temperature Up To 500° F, Inside Dimension 96″ Tall X 126″ Wide X 312″ Deep), Automatic Textile Cutting Table With Digitizer (70″ Wide X 32″ Long), Thermo Vacuum Form Machine (54″ X 108″), And Multiple 5 Axis CNC Milling Machines.

Finished Products Include:

Lightweight Composite Body Panels, Clear Carbon Components, Interior Panels, Composite Enclosures, and Lightweight Ducting.

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