Graphic Services

Roush Graphic Services uses advanced technology to create high quality, custom graphic prints designed by a team of extremely creative individuals. State of the art equipment allows us to produce a wide variety of print media on traditional vinyls and banners as well as many new textiles, canvases, and wall papers that can endure scratching and weathering for up to 8 years. Services provided include vehicle wraps, customized vehicle camouflage, lamination, decorative appliqués, display properties and product packaging for the transportation, theme park, marine and aerospace industries. Our eco-solvent, water-based machines print at high speeds that need little to no dry time, allowing rapid turnaround times.

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The Roush Graphic Services group works closely with Roush’s extensive Trim Services group to create and apply customized hard, soft, and graphic vehicle camouflage solutions and unique display properties including banners and canopies.

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