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Flexible Assembly Brings the Remarkable to Life

July 6, 2021
3 min read

Speed to market is key for all of Roush’s customers, especially for tech startups looking to provide investors a timely return on investment. But so is first-rate quality. Roush brings 50 years of design and manufacturing experience to addressing the challenge of quality, applying our configurable production-level manufacturing and Flexible Assembly model to bring products to market faster and cheaper than traditional OEMs, without sacrificing quality.

That’s what Flexible Assembly is all about — product development and commercialization, agility, integration and scalability. It leverages every facet of Roush — design, engineering, machining, fabrication, testing and supply chain expertise — to provide an all-inclusive option that brings a customer’s ideas and product to life.

Our unique approach allows Roush to say confidently that we refuse to fail; therefore, we refuse to let our customers fail.

Often, our customers are tech-based with amazing ideas and goals but limited manufacturing experience. Our team is adept at bridging the gap between technology companies and robust, skilled manufacturing processes. Our approach provides all-inclusive solutions to support our customers’ aggressive business plans.

By getting involved as early as possible with customer projects, we provide feedback on manufacturing design and assembly. Our early involvement benefits customers by driving costs out of the design and ultimately creating a more efficient build process.

Most of what we do, we can’t talk about. The majority of our projects are highly confidential, with details that can’t be disclosed to the public. We’ve worked on (and built) pretty much anything you can think of. A few examples include manufacturing and assembling electric vehicles and subassemblies, autonomous vehicles, agriculture robots, powertrains, subassemblies for defense industries, along with commercial products like electric vehicle charging stations. Our time-tested modular methodology approach for Flexible Assembly is scalable to just about any product.

Our flexibility, agility and ability to scale are key to our manufacturing efficiency.

We can move around both direct and indirect resources across the company as needed, which not only allows us to reduce the cost of ramping up for production, but it allows our skilled and trained Roush employees to be available for projects in a short period of time. The same team executing other projects for our customers and internal Roush projects are constantly reallocated to where they can be most effective and add the most value. Our program teams also typically have extensive experience not only at Roush, but in previous roles in some of the major OEMs and automakers in the Detroit area. This, paired with our robust Roush Product Development Process, is just another ingredient in our recipe for success.

Our customers are in an extremely competitive marketplace, and their success depends on getting their products launched quickly and efficiently. Our experience, paired with our innovative Flexible Assembly model, provides a single source solution that drives our customers’ success.


  • Brad Rzetelny
    Director, Flexible Assembly

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