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Leave a Dent at Roush

October 20, 2022


1 min read

You’ve heard the cliché, “it’s time to leave your mark,” but at Roush, we believe it’s better to leave a dent. An indelible impression that can’t be washed away over time.

We want you to make a contribution that not only has longevity, but has the power to physically alter the status quo. We have all the tools, all the power, and all the support you need to do what you were born to do right here.


You see, a curious mind never rests and at Roush, we are eternally curious. Which is why we’re looking to you to take us to the next level.

At Roush we don’t want our team members to leave a mark, we prefer they leave a dent.

Do you have the talent and skills to leave your dent at Roush? Let’s talk.

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