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Composite Engineering

Are you ready to bring you project to the next level? From concept creation to technical analysis, it begins with a team of experienced composite engineers to serve your needs.

Design support? We can help with that. From complete composite design capabilities to implementing continuous fiber unidirectional and woven composites for your project, we have an entire team devoted to the digital design process.

Material Evaluation
Evaluating materials is a crucial component to your products development. Luckily, our dedicated engineering team can develop engineered laminated databases, predict laminate properties with LPT or CLT, and beyond.

Testing & Analysis
The bar for compliance is always high. That’s why we keep structural element testing, stress and strain prediction, structure analysis and much more in mind when working with you.

We have the tools for precision and reliability. Tool draw and split, and eggcrate structure design with various material is one way our in-house composite tooling design and fabrication team makes the impossible, posssible.

It’s all about speed to market. Oven curing? Not an issue. Heated press? We have that too. No matter what you’re looking to achieve, we’re ready to make it come to life.

pounds of carbon fiber used on average per year.
sq. ft. of composite fabrics used on average per year.

Challenge us. No matter where you are in the process, we’re eager to help.

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