Decades of expertise in bringing electric vehicles to life.

The landscape in the electric vehicle marketplace is exhilarating, challenging, and crowded. Technology companies are rapidly developing incredibly innovative EV architecture, software and sensing technology, but commercializing their product requires Roush’s expertise in integrating those technologies, packaging them into a vehicle, and understanding what’s required to validate and certify that vehicle to government standards. Roush takes those core competencies and complements them with every aspect of development – including design for manufacturing and a very deep familiarity with the supply chain. The thing that truly sets Roush apart is that we possess those capabilities under one virtual roof. For our customers, that equates to speed – a critical factor when success is defined by being the first to get a viable product to market or in front of funding sources.

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Customer Testimonials

Zoox’s challenge was undertaking vehicle durability testing for a very unconventional autonomous vehicle. The solution: Roush’s tightly aligned, holistic solution for vehicle durability, with data collection, data analysis, and durability testing provided critical test data with speed and efficiency. The best part of working with Roush: Their technical strength, the fact that they weren’t fazed by the aggressive deadlines that we provided, and their team is very easy to get along with.

Attribute Lead, Strength & Durability – Zoox

I had worked with Roush in the past at another company and understood their ability to step in. (Roush’s) skilled technicians brought an outside perspective to our projects. Best part of working with Roush? Their willingness and flexibility.

Manager for global EV brand

Our Services


Roush's Creative Services group develops concepts and models for the expanding eMobility space, bringing new ideas to life and providing consumers the opportunity to see, feel, and experience dramatic new electric and advanced products. We support the design process from concept ideation through studio engineering, addressing complex design challenges through feasibility and packaging studies.


Roush has been involved with the development of electric vehicle technologies since the late 1990’s, with expertise in hybrid electric vehicles, driverless electric vehicles, and battery electric vehicles. Roush’s engineering capabilities range from reverse engineering and analysis of components to full-property development projects, with expertise in advanced disciplines. Existing resources within the Powertrain, Body, Chassis, and Electrical Engineering groups, and across the corporation, are leveraged to complete development support of electric vehicle projects.

ePowertrain Engineering Expertise


We leverage our extensive facilities, technical expertise and engineering expertise to transform design ideas into stunning, functional electric vehicle models. Based on our extensive experience with niche vehicles and broad internal capabilities, we provide electric vehicle companies with highly developed niche vehicle concepts that accelerate production implementation and support cycle planning. Our skilled mechanical technicians have extensive training in battery electric vehicle technology and safety protocols. Roush also supports the introduction of electric vehicle prototypes with fleet/field services, test track support and launch support.

Commercial Battery Electric Vehicle Development


Testing is a critical phase in electric vehicle development, providing both manufacturers and consumers the confidence that the products being created will perform reliably, dependably, predictably and safely. Roush supports electrical vehicle development with a comprehensive suite of testing, verification and certification services. Our on-road vehicle testing provides invaluable performance data. Roush’s Advanced Durability Lab is working closely with the most innovative mobility manufacturers to help make sure their products can withstand the grueling demands of the most congested dynamic urban areas to the damage of traversing the roughest roads. These rigorous physical tests are complemented by advanced CAE techniques to validate FEA models, which greatly reduces the cost of product development.

Windtunnel Testing of Commercial Electric Vehicle


Roush Flexible Assembly offers customers in the electric vehicle market a configurable manufacturing and assembly model capable of both volume scalability and product diversity through proven processes, professionally engineered to integrate quality control systems while optimizing customer investment through lean and efficient principles. The Flexible Assembly group leverages all facets of Roush including engineering, procurement, machining, fabrication and testing to provide an all-inclusive option that brings a client’s products and ideas to life.

Engineering, manufacturing and testing to support EV Beta program


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Our commitment to the success of our global customers and partners remains clear and unwavering.  

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