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On-Road Vehicle Testing

We’re here to test your products in extreme, real-world environments under an accelerated, proven verification and validation process. Our goal? To ensure product functionality, reliability, performance and safety prior to your product’s launch.

Why Roush?

We create and execute evaluation programs for virtually every system and feature in your vehicle.

Need to test in a certain climate? No problem. We provide secure testing locations that are strategically located in areas with extreme climates and staffed by Engineering support, ASE mechanical support, and more.

Quickly capturing and eliminating initial quality issues prior to production, improving customer experience, and reducing warranty and recall costs are staples in our process when working with you and your testing needs.

90+ Million
miles are driven for our customers each year.
600+ Vehicles
on the road being tested by Roush across the world every day.
2,000+ Test Drivers
are evaluating vehicles at any given time.

Let us provide you with comprehensive testing services today, to make the products of tomorrow.

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