Noise & Vibration CAE




Noise & Vibration CAE

We have an impressive track record of providing innovative Noise & Vibration (NVH) solutions for a wide range of industries. Our analysis team, in collaboration with the internal testing team, develops analytical models that accurately predict product performance. Our engineers are equipped with state-of-the-art simulation tools that help determine the most cost effective solutions expeditiously. We have extensive experience performing simulations using metallic, polymer and composite materials.

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Modal Analysis and Target Setting

We have a very good track record of setting targets for various modes of either subsystem or complex full vehicle models. We perform modal analysis in the virtual and experimental domains. Modal analyses conducted include effects of non-linearity and thermal behavior.

Frequency Response Analysis

We perform frequency response analysis for a variety of applications such as ground vehicles, industrial machinery, aerospace structures and military equipment. Our analysis techniques include accurate estimates of modal parameters and various damping mechanisms.

Transient Response Analysis

We are adept at predicting behavior of physical systems under transient events. We have successfully resolved problems such as impact harshness in automotive vehicles and system response to shock inputs seen in a military environment.

Random Response Analysis

We have successfully employed random vibration techniques to predict and resolve issues in stochastic loading situations. Our skill set includes development of random vibration (PSD) input from test data and utilizing it to predict non-deterministic response signals.

Response Optimization

We routinely employ optimization techniques such as gradient and response surface-based methods. Many physical problems encountered are coupled scenarios that require tradeoff with other disciplines. Our Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (MDO) tool kit helps in determining the best solutions across various attributes.


Our cross-functional CAE team combines advanced (transient) CFD capabilities with structural/panel vibration analysis. We utilize acoustic field predictions to diagnose potential noise concerns and optimize vehicle acoustic performance.


We have proven experience in identifying and reducing vibration/noise levels in various types of powertrains. Our tool kit determines forcing functions due to various events like cylinder firing, imbalance and misalignment, and then cascading them to structural interface points, either in frequency or time domains.


Our NVH team has extensive capabilities for performing torsional and transverse vibration analyses, either independently or as coupled problems. We have the capability to accurately simulate various critical elements such as gears, clutches and turbines.

Full Vehicle

Performing full vehicle simulations for automotive and truck applications is among our major strengths. We have assisted many automotive OEMs (domestic/overseas) in resolving complex problems. We contribute to upfront architecture development, design, launch support and warranty reduction.

Damping Simulation

We develop methods to accurately simulate damping material behavior utilizing our proprietary database. These are employed over a wide range of applications such as engine covers, electric motor casings, autonomous vehicle sensors, computer hard drives and aircraft fuselages.

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