Our vision is to lead product development, resulting in robust and creative solutions while remaining competitive for development time and hardware testing costs. We reduce the design cycle time by using early concept models for plausibility and add design efficiency by conducting mixed material investigations and mass optimization (RSM, DOE, MDO). Our engineers work to intelligently mature a succession of model builds, throughout product design phases, that exhibit greater accuracy and fidelity – this enables our customers to eliminate full prototype testing and avoid unexpected results at final-stage validation testing.

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Passenger Vehicles

We leverage our technical expertise to develop globally marketed products that meet passive safety (crash) standards (FMVSS, ECE, GB) and third-party ratings (IIHS, NCAP, ENCAP, CNCAP). Our CAE process efficiencies produce timely results aligned with program milestones.

Heavy Truck

We develop tractors or trucks (Class 5 through 8) to meet passive safety requirements specified by the OEM, as per SAE or ECE procedures. Our evolving CAE methods and years of experience have shaped our processes to accurately analyze unique systems such as seating, cab mounting and towing.


Our CAE team conducts safety analysis for off-road vehicles, such as ATVs and military transport. We apply optimization techniques to hold performance integrity of our customers’ products. Unique requirements have created a knowledge base of solutions for lightweighting specialized structures.


We have experience in guiding OEMs and multistage manufacturers for altered transportation products. Analysis is applied to structural modifications, upfitting content, and specialty builds. Our expertise includes trucks or buses equipped for alternate fuels, EV conversions, and handicap vehicles.

Consumer Products

Our technical experts apply techniques and impact physics learned from the transportation industry to many consumer products. Our experienced engineering team leverages the efficiencies of mature CAE processes to reduce product development time and validation cost.


We offer test services for subsystems, key components, and full vehicle validation. Materials such as polymers, CFRP and metals are tested for non-linear characterization as needed for CAE input. CAE models are leveraged for the insight they provide to design effective testing programs.

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