Flexible Assembly

Roush Flexible Assembly supports innovators in bringing products to life with a configurable manufacturing and assembly model capable of both volume scalability and product diversity. Our proven processes are engineered to bring products to market quickly and efficiently, while meeting OEM-level quality standards. With fully-scalable manufacturing, we can grow with you from sketchpad to reality.

In addition to assembly operations, Flexible Assembly can leverage all of Roush’s product development services, including engineering, procurement, machining, fabrication and testing, to brings products and ideas to market.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

Enabling Speed to Market

  • Our flexible, integrated manufacturing processes are designed for speed and efficiency.
  • An experienced, consistent operational team, ensures the manpower assigned to each program is well-trained and meets Roush’s OEM-level quality standards.


  • Our agility and ability to rapidly modify facility space and flex staffing levels allows us to support niche volume production runs that larger suppliers cannot easily accommodate.

Markets and Customers We Serve

  • We support a diverse customer base, serving Mobility (Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Internal Combustion Engines), Commercial Product, Agriculture, Defense, Aerospace, and Oil/Gas industries.
  • We are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of start-ups in emerging market sectors as well as a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies.


  • Roush Flexible Assembly has a large Quality Engineering staff that creates a detailed quality plan for each program tailored to the customer's program and budgetary objectives.
  • Quality gates are implemented into each build via our MES system, ensuring badge/supervisor sign-off prior to advancing to the next stage of assembly.


  • Vertical integration with all of Roush's product development services to take products from concept to reality.
  • Expertise in niche and low/mid volume production.
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Highly-skilled, vertically integrated, cross-trained staff enables us to install an operational team best suited to program-specific needs.
  • Low (5 assembly hours per unit) to high (100 assembly hours per unit) complexity assembly operations, applying the correct level of technology to the application to deliver OEM-level quality.
  • Advanced Purchasing group enables us to source and manage the supply chain for our customers and interface with directed-buys and customer-owned supply chains.
  • MES system ensures traceability.
  • Detailed documentation at End of Line provides all detail from the assembly process (torque values/data capture, quality parameters (pass))

Customer Testimonials
    “Our partnership with Roush for beta vehicle production bridged the gap between the fast-paced tech industry and the traditional automotive industry. Roush provided advanced solutions for complex, low-volume production and state-of-the art machinery for durability testing and key-cycle management. Thanks to their support and expertise, we achieved beta vehicle production in a third of the time with a third of the team of a traditional automotive OEM.”
    – Canoo

    “This [FarmWise] collaboration showcases the opportunities that result from connecting startups like FarmWise with Michigan-based companies like Roush that bring their manufacturing know-how to making these concepts a reality,”
    - Trevor Pawl, Group Vice President of PlanetM
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