Dynamometer Testing

With over 50 test cells, Roush’s dynamometer labs are a leading powertrain testing and development resource for the automotive, industrial, marine, defense, motorsport and aerospace industries. Our extensive in-house support infrastructure, which includes engine buildup/teardown, fabrication, machining and rapid prototyping, allows for a more comprehensive testing experience for our customers.

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Our capabilities include:

Development Testing – Engine calibration, mechanical and electronic systems development. AC motoring and transient dynamometers with temperature and humidity controlled combustion air, exhaust emissions measurement, cylinder combustion analysis and NVH measurement. Fully automated engine mapping and transient drive cycle development. Climatic dynamometer test cell with – 40 ºC to + 90 ºC range.

Durability Testing – Cyclic fatigue testing, deep thermal shock, performance testing and exhaust after treatment aging on a 24/7 basis.

Hot Testing – High volume engine testing in support of production engine launches or validation of repaired engines. Engines can be dynamometer tested or tested unloaded on test stands. Over 100,000 engines tested.

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