Emissions Testing

Roush’s technologically advanced emissions laboratory demonstrates our steadfast commitment to providing our customers with comprehensive development and compliance support. The laboratory is staffed with a highly experienced team and offers a full range of exhaust and evaporative emission testing for programs including R&D, certification, and In-Use vehicle testing. Services include complete development testing, are EPA and ARB compliant, and surpass all CAP200 testing requirements with seamless access to Roush’s global engineering and development resources.

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Roush believes in continuous investment to maintain our capabilities at the highest levels in the industry and to meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations. Look for the following major additional capabilities and service in 2020:
• Four-wheel drive capability for emissions testing and preparatory cycles
• Full compliance to EPA and CARB Part 1066 requirements for 2022MY certifications
• Full compliance to EU WLTP and 6.2+ requirements
• Certification testing for new vehicles for EPA, CARB, and EU/Global

Markets We Serve
• Tailpipe, diagnostics, evaporative, and refueling emissions testing
• Passenger Cars, Light-Duty Trucks, Motorcycles, and ATV’s
• Certification testing for new vehicles for EPA, CARB, and EU/Global
• Aftermarket Testing for CARB EO’s or EPA Memo 1A compliance – Roush is an ARB approved independent lab for your testing needs.
• We can also provide certification engineering support for preparing and submitting applications to ARB if desired.
• Emissions durability programs – Complete source for on-road or dynamometer durability cycles and tailpipe/evaporative tests
• In-Use and Production Audit Testing – Complete source for procurement, tailpipe, and evaporative/ refueling tests
• Emissions development for vehicles, after treatment, and control systems

Testing Capabilities
• Single Roll 48” Dynamometer (100 kg to 5500 kg)
• Environmental Chamber 20º – 105ºF with Humidity Control
• Tailpipe Emissions
• EPA/CARB Part 86 and 1066 (LEVII/Tier2/LEVIII/Tier3) Light-Duty Vehicles
• Motorcycle (on-road and off-road) and All-Terrain Vehicle emissions testing
• Gasoline/CNG/LPG/E85
• FTP/ HWFET/ US06/ SC03 (AC-2)/ NEDC Cycles
• EU 6.1 / NEDC Testing
• Variable-Flow CVS Dilution

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